We're based in the North East of England, that's the UK you know.

SFNE started about 20years ago as Star Trek fan club. Formerly known as the USS Exeter we found that our joint interests weren't just with Star Trek but with many other SF and fantasy films, novels, games and TV shows.

The club has been going around since before the internet was the large behemoth it is today and when we science fiction and fantasy fans wanted to chat to other fans we'd gather together in various meeting places, chat, watch videos, play games, chat some more, visit conventions, play cricket, raise money for various charities, chat and make new friends.

In the past we have been known to sit around discussing the virtues of warp engines and the inner depths of constitution class starships. But now as many of us have cast aside these thoughts or at least not made it a large part of club meetings, we've come to discuss the curves of the Charmed ones, and for the ladies the pecs of their favourite SF/fantasy character.

Nowadays you just need a computer, an internet connection and you can chat to other science fiction and fantasy fans from around the globe.

If you are already members of the club you'll know who we are. If you aren't and have no idea what we do or have done, look around, see if you like it and why not become a member. You'll get loads of benefits if you join, such as a paper based magazine four times a year, membership card and reductions in the cost of attending activities and meetings.

Amoungst our members we've attended, supported and helped run a number of conventions (Neutral Zone, Starfury and Wolf Events) around the country, maybe you've met some of our number at the bar or winning fancy dress competitions... ehem!

We've done a number of things to raise money for various charities over the years, including stamp collection, Xmas raffles with some great prizes, plus we've got our annual charity cricket match at Richmond Cricket Club which has now been running since 2001 and has raised funds for Hearing Dogs for the Deaf.

If you want to join our band of merry men, women and children check out the diary, see where we are and what we are getting up to and come along.



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