To create a little competitiveness within the club we've created four different factions, a bit like the Harry Potter houses.

Win a competition, a quiz, attend a meeting, donate prizes for charity raffles, stamps, vouchers for schools etc. and you get a point for your faction. The winning faction gets a prize, as does the individual member who has attained the most points within the faction.

You may have a favourite film, TV character, alien or whatever, so you might be suited to a particular faction.

Attend a meeting and join a faction, it's as simple as that.

Typical TV/Film Cyborgs : Terminators, Dalek, Six Million Man, Robocop, Darth Vader, Cybermen, Borg
Their aim is convince all and sundry that the best way to live your life is with a whole bunch of cyborg implants. Why be pure logic when you can have the "best of both worlds"... pun intended.


Typical TV/Film Humans : Dr. Who, Captain Kirk/Picard, Sebaceans, Terran, Correlian
If you've got pink skin and round ears and you couldn't be mistaken for an alien on planet terra, then you're human. Even if you have got two hearts. Just make sure you have got any mechanical parts or you're out.


Typical TV/Film Mechas: Data, C3PO, R2D2, Kryten, even talking cars...
Metal, Pure metal and circuits and bolts. None of that squishy fleshy stuff. If you can get blown up and put back together, then you're in this faction.


Typical TV/Film Xenos : Vulcan, Martians (Mars Attacks/War of the Worlds),
Two arms? Two Legs? You can't limit yourself to such constraints. If you've got tenticles and/or pointy ears, one eye, a brain on the outside of your head or an bone endoskeleton, this is the place to be. Weird is in.




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