9th May 2008

Hello guys and gals,

Boy, it's been a while for an update. Things have been really, really busy at home, work and everywhere else. So I must apologise. We did have a few podcasts planned but due to some late processing and technical difficulties it hasn't been possible to put a decent version up and not annoy you with a background hum or buzz.

I intend to get this website updated over the coming two or three weeks so everything is up to date.

Just to let you know that we are having a series of Summer parties over the next three Benwell meetings.

This weekend we are having a Talisman marathon. We're bringing in as many games as we can and we're going to play constantly from the start to the end of the meeting. Dropping in and out as needed.

Tah tah for now. Check the diary for new dates and info for the coming months, see you at a meeting.

23rd November 2007

Greetings guys. gals and Smurfs. We've been busy the last month or so. We've been to Dimensions the Doctor Who copnvention at Washington Tyne and Wear a couple of weekends ago. We had chat, drink, and watched a few Doctor Who guests from various generations of Who. Here are a few photos from the weekend. Fun was had by all.

Dimensions 2007
aka Tent Con 1

You may notice that you can now subscribe to our RSS feed... if you know what that means you are probably jumping up and down with joy. If you don't... don't worry about it. You can click on the link on the right and find out. We're also available in iTunes... but I haven't found it yet... but I'm sure because people are subscribing to our podcast via iTunes. So... yeah...!

There were quite a few incidents during the weekend, such as the tent aka main hall nearly blew away a few times... at least it felt like it was going to take off and one of our members, ehem, got drunk one night and bought a Dalek. Click the link and find out who and how chuffed he was.

We said in our last cast that we'd have a cast from Dimensions but we couldn't find somewhere to get decent sound. So we'll save it all for next month.

Speaking of next month, December, it's the Christmas Party. All are invited and there will be food, and the meeting will be free. We'll be having a podcast live from Santa's Grotto where we'll be chatting to Santa and his reindeer and ask their opinions on Science Fiction. Should be fun.

Date? It's the 8th December from 11am. All we ask is bring some money/prizes for the charity raffle and maybe some party food.


19th October 2007

In honour of the October Halloween festival our BRAND NEW podcast is now available on the Pods page.

It's a little different with the podcast being "broadcast" from a mysterious mansion. We've got killer smurfs, deaths of the entire cast and an interview with Ronan Dodds of the Nostromo Festival and he brings news of the festival in February and the launch party on Halloween. If you like it/hate it send us some comments, suggestions, or whatever.

Hope you enjoy it.


20th August 2007

The Podcast is now online in the Pods page. Check out the link at the top of the page or here.

We hope you enjoy it. Why not send us some comments, suggestions, or anything else you want to say about the podcast.

We do discuss Heroes in the podcast and if you're a fan, check out the BBC's excellent coverage here on their website


** UPDATE - You can now listen to the podcast online.

11th August 2007

Hello again,.

This months newsletter is now available to download from the archives page, plus we're in the process of getting the podcast together. This month we're coming live from Jurassic Park....

Bet you can't wait.


12th June 2007

Hello all.

Just to let you know of a change of venue for the Darlington meetings. The meetings will now take place at the Tanners Hall Pub. Check out the venue page for more details.

By the way the winner of the Easter Egg competition is Shinju with his astounding Doctors. Congrats.


6th May 2007- Easter lateness

Hello all.

We know Easter has been and gone and we're into the swing of Summeryness... but we've yet to decide on the winning entries for our Easter egg competition. So if you haven't voted so far check out the page here and vote for your fave.

We've got numerous summer parties and treats coming up over the next few months, so come along, have a chat, beat us at your favourite board/roleplaying game and have a laugh.


7th April 2007 - Easter Bunnies

Hello all.

Yesterday we successfully delivered to Newcastle General Hospital. Both ourselves in conjunction with St. John Ambulance managed to collect and distribute 80 Easter eggs.... yes, 80. We did beat our total from last year.

Thanks to all, particularly, Debbie Heath who was our club bunny for organising things. Hopefully we'll beat our total next year.

Next week is our Easter meet at Benwell, 14th, There will be party stuff, food, prizes and a raffle, so be there.

Oh, and if you are creative bring along a decorated egg and you could win a prize.


29th January 2007 - Welcome City Life Readers

Welcome if you are readers of Newcastle Council's City Life magazine, if you have no idea what I'm talking about, check it out here.

If you are new to visiting our website for our merry band of men (and women) and kids)) then a big HELLO. Have a look around, maybe pop in to see us at our next meeting at Benwell on the 10th February at the library near Newcastle. That's Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.

Anyway, you've picked a great time to come down our meetings because we've got our AGM (Annual General Meeting) (not so boring as it sounds!) where we'll be discussing the great future of the club and all the stuff we've got lined up for the next year. So come on down and have a laugh, a chat and a few games.

13th January 2007 - HAPPY NEW YEAR

Happy New year to one and all.

It's been a fun year for all. We've had lots of fun, games, babies, parties, engagements and more that shouldn't be mentioned in an open forum ;-) Want to know how much? Check out our old news pages.

We welcome any and all new members to our happy band and hope you will join us in our many game sessions running at Benwell. Talisman, Risk, Car Wars, Hobbit, Trivial Pursuit, Interactive Cluedo, Heroquest and many more are being played there.

So if you are bored with your Wii, sick of your Xbox 360 and mad at your PC crash during World of Warcraft sessions, why not come along and meet real people. You can then discuss your online Paladins, Orcs and Undead without the need for a broadband connection.

* NOTE - We do play WOW, and Xbox Live games.

** ADDITIONAL NOTE - The faction page is now live with details on each club faction. **!!HUMANS RULE!!**


Xmas Meet - 9/12/06

It's fun and games at the club as we celebrate Xmas in style with food, fun, games, prizes, raffles, music and anything else we can get ourselves into.

Be there at Benwell from 11:00 to 4:30, bring food and money for the charity raffle.


Halloween Fun - 14/10/06

As you can see we got into the Halloween Spirit (though early) for our October meet. You can still catch up with some of the crew at the Darlington meeting next Saturday.

We'll have the regular meetings in November, then it's the Xmas party month in December. See you around.



Hello there one and all.

Sorry for the lack of updates. But I've been busy... well, the wife has really.

We weren't at the September meeting, so we'll be hoping we'll get to October or November.

October is the usual HALLOWEEN PARTY. So bring your spooky food, weird stuff and scary games. We'll accommodate.

The Summer Party was fun with prizes all around for members. See you next year when we'll be even bigger.

See you soon.


Just you let any new members know that this is a family club, we've got big kids and little kids. Members ages range from 0 to erm, well, I shouldn't really embarrass those in their late forties. Check out the locations if you haven't been before.


Hello there one and all.

We'd just like to let you know that we've got a summer party going on at Benwell Library on Saturday 12th August from 11am. We'll be having prize quizzes, a charity raffle, loads of board games and a particularly silly team game "Never Mind the Poodoo".

The meeting this month will be free, all we ask is that you bring along some sort of food to add to the party stash and any prizes you wish to donate to the charity raffle.

It'll be a fun packed afternoon... oh, and something else. Come along in your loudest and most ridiculously loud clothing. There will be a prize for the best voted amongst the group in attendance.

See you there.

Check out the locations if you haven't been before.

Prepare yourselves for...

......for the Easter EGGSTRAVAGANZA...... at Benwell Library Saturday APRIL 8th

We hope you can all attend our first yearly Easter Event.

There will also be a charity raffle in aid of Cancer Research which will be submitted with last months Big Breakfast money so bring some cash and win some great prizes. You can also donate prizes if you wish, the more the merrier.

We'll also be collecting Easter Eggs in association with St. Johns Ambulance to be donated to the Freemans hospital. So for every easter egg you bring in you'll get a whopping 5 points for yourself and your faction in the new club year, so let's all be generous.

Plus as a bonus we'll be holding the first SF Easter Egg competition. Simply boil yourselves an egg, decorate it in a SF Stylee and we'll display them and the members of the club will vote for the best.... there will be a prize for the best one. It could be from your fave TV show, film, comic or whatever, just go wild.

So, come on down to Benwell, where you'll have yourself a time.... Even if you haven't been for a while, try and get yourselves over and meet new and old pals.

There will also be the usual games, chit chat and general funky doodads.

Da Easta' Management

Never been before? Check the venues for directions.

March Benwell and Darlington Meets

11th and 18th March 2006 - 2nd Year Running. Britain's Biggest Breakfast

We're holding a Cancer research Britain's Biggest Breakfast event. Bring food and at least £1 donation to the Cancer Research charity.

Don't forget we need silly sci-fi food, Gagh, Bloodworms, Romulan Ale... you know the drill. Check out for more details.... Hint Jellied Sweets make great worms.

Much fun was had last year, so hopefully we'll be able to raise some more funds for a good cause.

Never been before? Check the venues for directions.

Spooky Goings On 8th October 2005

Nice to see some new faces at the club today. Welcome.

Fun was had during our halloween party (okay it's early in the month but we can't be partying every month, can we?.... hmmm) Spooky food all around and most of it had sugar in it from the cakes, chocolate, jelly sweets, marshmellow spooks and more. We washed it down with green orange juice, limeade and cranberry juice (it looked like blood a little).

Last months Richmond charity cricket trip was fun. Food was eaten as well as well as prizes... I mean the prizes weren't eaten obviously, but there were quite alot of them. Tasty too...

There were incidents of violence towards the winning team but that was soon extinguished when the riot police popped round for a cuppa.

The September issue of the magazine is now out and about, featuring articles on James Doohan and other stuff. Don't forget, If you've got articles for the next issue email to

For the moment head off to see the very excellent Serenity and sign up to be a browncoat.



Magazine and Party15th August 2005

The current magazine is now on the streets and the next issue will be following at the Cricket Match. If you've got articles for the next issue email to

The Ice Cream party went with a bang... or should I say, slurp. The various Ice Cream flavours that everyone brought in went down well. Very well. Coupled with the Gagh (aka fizzy laces) it was appreciated by all. Thanks to everyone who brought some in.



Updates 12th June 2005

Ooh! I've been naughty and haven't updated since April. We I have something to announce...

It was a swift victory today for the chief head honcho of this fine club as he beat all comers to Talisman. Very swift indeed. Hang around the outer region, pop into the middle region, gaining loads of strength on the way and head for the tower. Once around and victory was mine... mine... MINE!! I tell yee! David Irving had this to say - ".....".

Elsewhere the younglings were being taught by Master Ray. Today they were being taught the art of parrying with a bicycle pump.

New Benwell Venue 12th March 2005

Greetings. Well, we had our first meeting at the new Benwell venue today. I think everyone enjoyed the days activities. Oh, and before I start it is very rare to see me in any kind of Uniform at one of the meetings but as I did it for charity it was maybe a one off.

The venue itself is very good, we've got a nice big room plus the option of another room for either gaming or TV, a kitchen, a lift for wheelchairs and pushchairs, toilets just outside the room door and baby changing facilities. This was my very first time there and I think George hit the jackpot on the quality of the venue. It's also fairly easy to get to. Don't forget to check the venue page for more details. A tip is to get a bus to the top of Atkinson road, possibly either the 30 or 31 from outside the old Odean in Newcastle. If you've got a car, there are plenty of car parking spots around.

The Cancer Relief breakfast went ahead as planned with various jellied sweets and blue food colouring to create anything from Aunt Beru's Blue Milk to Gagh and Rigelian Blood Worms. We didn't bother with the Spoo and the Shplik, we thought it would have been a little over the top. There was also the addition of the unusual earth delicacies such as Cherry Bakewells, Bramley Apple Pies and Quavers. Weird. ;-)

We also had the raffle which was picked by our youngest member there today, little Andrew and I hope everyone had a good day.

The club is now in a very stable position to plan for the future and will be subsidising the Darlington meets so that the cost per visit will only be £2. Don't forget your first meeting is free. We'll now be pushing for a few posters here and there to advertise our whereabouts and also this website. We'll be doing more charity events in the coming months and with the hopeful increase in membership we'll make even more money for them.

Another good deed for the day was photographing work of the flower arranging group in the adjacent room who forgot to bring a camera.

It was a good day to dine.... (sorry!)

Oh, and David Harrison also turned up and has recovered from the experimentation that went on at the Centre for Life.

Centre for Life Event 5th February 2005

So off we went to the Centre for Life and we had a good turn out. We did at some point lose David Harrison who I believe is still trapped somewhere in the centre. I do hope the experiments went well and he is getting better and possibly developed some super powers that may come in useful. I hope he stayed clear of the gamma radiation.

Anyway, I think we learnt alot about Dinosaurs, how they died out and how they looked very much like they were done in stop motion and in black and white. We also learnt that you can stand inside a bubble and that you can buy fun dinosaur heads for £2.50 that open and close when you pull the handle. Baby Andrew has nicknamed him "Rar-Rarr".

The bunch in the photo above were the only ones to brave the back wrenching Spongebob ride. It was fun and highly recommended except for people with back problems, heart trouble, pregnant women, anyone under the height of 1.2 metres and anyone who dislikes Spongebob Squarepants. Most of us made it.

We chatted, we had snacks, we shopped, we were annoyed by small children singing the Spongebob theme at full volume and we were amazed at the properties of Water. Wooooo!!

I think it was a fun day out for all. Due to tired feet and our resident pub leader (I must put that in the committee) being ill we decided to call it a day and head home.

It was then that we realised we'd left David Harrison behind......

.... just kidding.

Darlington Meet 15th January 2005

We had our meeting today at the Arts Centre and decided on a few things.

  • From March the Newcastle meetings will be held on the 2nd Saturday of each month so that members can attend the new Starship Exeter meet at Hebburn Community Centre on the 1st.
  • Darlington meetings will remain on the 3rd Saturday of the month.
  • A faction system, similar to the schools in Harry Potter will be introduced and subdivided into different types of species under the headings Humanoid, Alien, Cyborg and Robots.We need proper names and logos for each factions any ideas send to the usual address. (We think the Borg and Cybermen will be quite happy together!)
  • New points system will run from April and the winning faction will be presented with a prize and the point will be reinitialised for the new year.
  • The new Newcastle venue will be in place from March.
  • Events will be interspersed between meetings for those interested.
  • The committee has been formed Keith L - Chair, David I - VC, Debbie - Treasurer, Elaine L - Memberships, Simon - Librarian (Ook!) and Back Issues. Other positions to be filled soon.

January Event- 8th January 2005

Well, due to the bad weather, with trains suspended, metro trains inoperable, buildings falling around our ears and people struggling to take steps out of their doors only three of us managed to make it to the January event. Texts, phone messages, and emails were flung around apologising for the lack of attendance, but that's not to worry. The only things you missed were David I's first go on a Waltzer and Pirate Ship, a pub visit, coaster mayhem and an air hockey fight to the death.

Oh, yeah and a big welcome to George (Geordi) who one of our brand spanking new members with a bunch of ideas for the club.... and strangely they all seem to involve pubs. Hmm.

We expect to catch up with everyone at the Darlington meeting next Saturday on the 15th at the Arts Centre, and possibly on the 22nd at Hebburn with the newly christened Starship Exeter (now where have I heard of that name before? ;-) )at the community centre. More news as we get it.

The February 2005 Newcastle meeting will be held at the Centre for Life at Newcastle on the 5th. Spongebob here we come....

Keep checking the diary for dates and information.


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